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With Aura Air, claim and maintain the highest standards of air quality in your school. Keep your

environment safe, healthly and ensure that your students and staff safety and wellness are being

considered each time they step into school.

Aura Air

  • #1 Aura Air is the only all-in-one, Air Filter, Disinfection & Monitoring system to have successfully completed

    Clinical Trials relates to its efficacy against the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

    #2 Aura Air Uses 4 unique stages of air purification and

    disinfection to clean the air including the pre-filter to

    remove big airborne particles, the UVC to reduce the

    bacteria and virus concentration in the air, the Patented

    RAY FILTER with its Copper Impregnated HEPA filter and

    Carbon layer to purify the air from PM10, PM 2.5, germs,

    tobacco scent, bacteria, viruses, fungus and flu germs,

    and the Patented Sterionizer to complete the purification

    and disinfection stage by sending positive and negative

    ions into the

    #3 Aura Air provides VISIBILITY and warns

    IMMEDIATELY of high particulate levels and

    unhealthy Air Quality using sensor measurements

    every 10 seconds.

    #4 Aura Air is compact, powerful, aesthetically

    pleasing, plug n play and easy to install on the wall

    or ceiling. The Aura Air circulates 350m3 of air per

    hour, as much as units three times its price. Its fixed

    to the wall or ceiling with just three screws and uses

    a standard power point. Each unit will filter the air in

    a 600Sq Ft space (assuming a ceiling height of 8

    Ft) 2.5 times per hour at full power.

    By being able to strategically locate each unit close

    to staff, children and visitors, ensures the most

    effective and rapid removal of airborne droplets and

    the destruction of viruses, mould and bacteria,

    using Aura Air's unique disinfecting system.

    #5 Aura Air is intelligent and does all the worrying for you. Aura Air will only switch to full power when it

    needs to and monitors air quality every 10 seconds. It reacts immediately based on the AI algorithms built

    into the unit. You don’t need to worry about adjusting filter fan speeds.

    #6 Aura Air can monitor multiple Aura Air units

    over one educational establishment or thousands of

    sites using the Centralize Dashboard. This

    customizable Dashboard can be displayed on a PC,

    for instance in the Staff Room or Visitors Area, to

    ensure both staff and visitors' peace of mind - or at

    a central location for management monitoring.

    Local authorities can instantly and continuously

    monitor and check air quality inside all of their

    educational establishments. The Centralized

    Dashboard allows all of this detailed air quality data

    to be archived, for instance to confirm that schools

    consistently meet any future government guidelines

    for air quality levels and viral control.

    #7 Custom "Alerts" can be configured to

    instantly send e-mail warning messages if

    preset conditions are exceeded, whether it be

    smoke in a classroom, or excessive particulate

    levels that may increase the risk of viral

    contagion of students. No other filter system

    provides this level of protection, combined with

    real-time monitoring and scalability.

    #8 Teachers, Student or Parents can access the

    real-time air quality index for the classroom that

    they are in via a QR code unique to the device they

    are viewing. Provide peace of mind with real time

    air quality transparency.

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